Looking for peace of mind with your website?

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Your time is so precious

I know you're a busy business owner and your time is precious. Let someone else manage your website so you can focus on the tasks that are important to you.

Do you have the expertise to look after your own website?

When you're running a business, you'll find as you progress, there are many tasks that appear which you didn't sign up to do.

Maintenance of your website is typically one of these tasks. You didn't sign up for this, so you'll either grudgingly be managing this yourself right now... or even worse, not looking after it at all.

WordPress is a piece of software, just like the software on your computer or mobile device on which you're currently viewing this page. Software needs to stay updated as security fixes and updates are released on a regular basis.

If you don't update software, you run the risk of problems occurring. For a website, this can be quite serious as it can lead to websites being hacked, stolen data and exploits.

Do you have the experience to look after your own website? Most business owners do not.

Thankfully there are companies, just like mine, who are able to assist you with your website and bring you greater peace of mind.

Are you readyfor peace of mind?

Have me care for your website for you.  Don't worry about backups, updates, bugs, or any of that tech stuff anymore!
Your time is better spent elsewhere ... let me do what I do best for you!

Care Plans help your business to flourish and grow

Flourishing business woman

A WordPress Care Plan is like a regular service for your car. It keeps your website secure, maintained and up-to-date.

More importantly, having a Care Plan for your website will help your business to flourish and grow.

When you hand over the "busy work" of updating your website, keeping it secure and making sure that everything is working as anticipated, you free up time.

You and your team can use this extra time to focus on the tasks that are most important in your business, whilst being comfortable in the knowledge that your website is in safe hands.

Do you answer yes to any of these?

Wanting to grow your business and be confident in your website & scaling?
Finding yourself spending too much time keeping your website working well?
Worrying that your website could go down at any minute, harming your reputation and stressing you out?
I don't have anyone to turn to if something goes wrong with my website!
Worried about whether your website has a back up & how on Earth you would restore it?
Worrying that your slow website is losing you customers and sales?
Finding yourself spending a fortune on tools for your website that leave you disappointed or you struggle to setup?
I'm struggling to find the time to spend on looking after and improving my site!

My WordPress Care Plans have been designed to help you with all of the above issues...and more!

Yes,I'd love you to look after my website!

The simple fact is that your website needs protecting and keeping secure. If you're like most business owners, you also likely need some help with making updates and to have someone to ask questions to if you need assistance.

You know how important it is that your website is visible and available to your target audience. I know how to keep it secure and running successfully for you. Together, we can make sure your website is ready for you to show the world your products or services.



$147 Per Month
  • Fast, reliable hosting
  • Care Plugin Licenses (See list below)
  • Plugin, Theme and WordPress Updates
  • Regular Backup
  • No Free Online Support
  • Reduced Hourly Rate for support
  • Keeping viruses at bay: Daily Malware & Virus Scans and automatic fixes as well as a firewall to protect your site


$197 Per Month
  • Includes $279 PER MONTH tools & services
  • Fast, reliable hosting
  • Everything in Care PLUS:
  • Care + Concierge Plugin Licenses
  • Membership and E-Commerce add-ons
  • Quiz Funnel Builder
  • 30 minutes support
  • Dedicated email for support
  • 48 hour turn around for support requests


$267 Per Month
  • Includes $462 PER MONTH tools & services
  • Fast, reliable hosting
  • Everything in Care & Concierge
  • Care + Concierge + CEO Plugin Licenses
  • Membership and E-Commerce add-ons
  • Quiz Funnel Builder
  • Webinar Funnel Creator
  • Automated Chat Bot Builder
  • 1 hour support
  • Dedicated email for support
  • Telegram access for support
  • 24 hour turnaround for support

First, choose your level of care ...

Now, complete your order ...

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Plugins,what's included?

Care Plugins

All plans include plugin licenses and support for the duration of your subscription for:

Beaver Builder Pro - page builder and theme

Beaver Themer

PowerPack for Beaver Builder

Gravity Forms plus Pro add-ons

Video User Manuals

Total Value of basic plugins is $824 per year

Concierge Plugins

Concierge and CEO Plans include plugin licenses and support for the duration of your subscription for:

All Care Plugins (value $824 per year)


Amelia - booking plugin

WooPack for Beaver Builder - for styling WooCommerce

LifterLMS Infinity Bundle - add-ons for LifterLMS

Gravity Forms Elite add-ons

Quiz Funnel Creator

Total value of standard and advanced plugins is $2928 per year

CEO Plugins

CEO Plan includes plugin licenses and support for the duration of your subscription for:

All Care and Concierge plugins (value $2170 per year)


AffiliateWP - for managing affiliates on your website

CartFlows - automated upsell and sales follow ups.

PrestoPlayer - video marketing tool that saves time and money. 

Webinar Funnel Creator.

Automated Chat Bot functionality.

Total value of standard, advanced and professional plugins is an $5126 per year

Was your website designed by another companyor

did you DIY it?

Before I can accept your website onto my Care Plan, I need to run a Care Plan Audit.

Already a customer? You won't need a Care Plan Audit as we've built your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a Care Plan?

You've paid good money for a website, and it is important to ensure that it stays up to date and that the security is good. In the same way that you send your car for a service regularly, you need to make sure that your website is kept in tip top shape. The internet moves so quickly, that these updates need to happen on at least a monthly basis in order to keep your website highly functioning and secure.

What is included in my Care Plan?

All our plans include:

  • Daily BackUps
  • Updating of plugins as needed
  • Updating of theme as needed
  • Updating of WordPress as needed
  • Trouble shooting if the update causes issues on the website.

If you are on one of the comprehensive plans, you will receive some support time.

What are the licenses?

Although WordPress is an open source platform, the themes and plugins vary in scope, quality and price. I work only on with the best professional themes and plugins that make it really easy for you to use and update your website. In order to get support from the developers of the themes and plugins, as well as automated security updates, you need to pay for a license.

The license in each plan are detailed here.

What can my support time cover?

For those clients on Concierge and CEO plans you receive included support time. This can be used for:

  • Content updates
  • Changing of images
  • Answering questions about your site
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Vetting and installing new plugins

Additional support time is charged $70 per hour for Maintenance clients.

Why does WordPress need updating?

Technology is ever evolving and the software needs to keep up. Updates to  WordPress are crucial to ensure that your site isn't vulnerable to a hack or malware.

Our care plan takes all the stress out of updating. Such as what happens if your theme or a plugin isn’t compatible with a new WordPress update or vice versa.

Why do I need a BackUp of my site?

Regular backups are the most critical thing you can do to keep your site safe. Even if your site gets hacked, having backups will allow you to restore your site to a point before the hack.

Without a care plan you may have to spend countless hours rewriting content, uploading images, editing settings, installing plugins and tweaking settings to get your site back to its previous state.

Our backups of your website are stored off-site to minimise risk.

How long will it take to set up my Care Plan?

Once your payments is received, and you complete the logins questionnaire, we will have your website set up with our maintenance tools within 2-3 working days.

Major BackUps are done on Tuesdays and updates are run on Thursdays.

We will install a few plugins that assist us with monitoring and updating your website.

If I only make a few changes to my site in a year why do I need a Care Plan?

There is a lot that happens on the back end of your site to keep it running smoothly, even if you are not making big changes to the front end of your website.

A Care Plan ensures that the WordPress CMS, your site theme and all of the plugins that are used (an average site has 5 to 20 plugins) are being kept up to date to ensure your site is functioning properly and stays secure.

Links to the plugin licences that may be used on your website:

If you’d like to purchase your own plugin licenses, I’ve got all the links handy to share with you here, at no charge. However, these are affiliate links and I will generate a small commission if you purchase the plugin licenses using my link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, it's just a tiny thank you to me for connecting you with this awesome plugin!

Some other tools I have probably recommended to you:

Are you readyfor peace of mind

Have me care for your website for you. Don't worry about backups, updates, bugs, or any of that tech stuff anymore!
Your time is better spent elsewhere ...
let me do what I do best for you!